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Bekkah Marshall, CEHP (Certified Environmental Health Professional)

Bekkah is an Eco & Water Solutions Strategist. Professionally,she is a trained environmental scientist & certified environmental health professional. She has over a decade of experience in applying scientific & technical expertise within her role in environmental regulatory affairs. This included assessing regulated entities’ water quality & treatment methods & the protection of water sources.

After conducting over 6,000 environmental assessments & inspections collectively as an environmental regulatory official, she has mastered the skill of collectively addressing:

  • public & private sector & stakeholders’ interests
  • community needs & concerns
  • and eco & water impacts

in order to strategize a comprehensive plan of approach & action.

For eco & water questions such as:

*Strategically Solving Environmental Issues in Impacted Areas: Emphasis Water Pollution

  • on a community level
  • from a stakeholder perspective
  • from an environmental regulatory & compliance viewpoint

Schedule a 30 minute strategy session to receive actionable steps towards a sustainable solution.

Consultation fee starting at $97 for 30 minutes to extended consultation packages.

Group, Organizational, Business, and/or Community Leaders may book a consultation to ensure a timely indepth response

Please note the 30 min strategy session includes a 1 page strategic action plan.

Request quote for consultation for an extended time period.

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Proud Alumna of the

University of South Florida! Go Bulls!


“She provided strategic ideas to address waterborne diseases & assisted with getting our water purification tablet into production. Her work is top notch.”

Musando Joseph Mwansa, Founder

Global Empowers -Vigor Aqua Product

“Bekkah’s visit to Senegal was greatly impactful as she worked to find solutions for water quality & environmental challenges in the region. “

RJ Mahdi, CEO
Made in Africa Project